Simultaneous Reports by TSRI Scientists Show How They Made Bacteria Do What Nature Doesn’t
Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have published two separate papers in the current issue of the journal Science in which they describe two different ways of engineering bacterial cells to encode proteins that differ from those produced by other living organisms.

Students from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces Visit Campus
TSRI hosts a symposium about basic research for military officers and government officials attending the Industrial College of the Armed Forces

Gluck Child Care Center Nurtures and Stimulates Youngsters
The Gluck Child Care Center provides convenient, high-quality care to children of the larger Scripps community.


Microscopy of Live Cells in Motion

Assistant Professor Clare Waterman-Storer, co-inventor of fluorescence speckle microscopy, uses this technique to study the cytoskeleton in living cells, which has implications for cancer, wound healing, and early embryonic development.