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Selected Publications

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Nuclear transfer nTreg model reveals fate-determining TCR-β and novel peripheral nTreg precursors.
Ku M, Chang SE, Hernandez J, Abadejos JR, Sabouri-Ghomi M, Muenchmeier NJ, Schwarz A, Valencia AM, Kirak OPNAS. April 2016

A novel, nonanaphylactogenic, bispecific IgE-CD3 antibody eliminates IgE+ B cells.
Kirak O, Riethmüller G. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. March 2015

CD8+ T cells from mice transnuclear for a TCR that recognizes a single H-2K(b)-restricted MHV68 epitope derived from gB-ORF8 help control infection.
Sehrawat S*, Kirak O*, Koenig PA, Isaacson MK, Marques S, Bozkurt G, Simas JP, Jaenisch R, Ploegh HL. Cell Reports. May 2012

Transnuclear mice with predefined T cell receptor specificities against Toxoplasma gondii obtained via SCNT.
Kirak O, Frickel EM, Grotenbreg GM, Suh H, Jaenisch R, Ploegh HL. Science. April 2010

Microfluidic control of cell pairing and fusion.
Skelley AM*, Kirak O*, Suh H, Jaenisch R, Voldman J. Nature Methods. February 2009

*indicates shared first authorship
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Oktay Kirak, MD/PhD
Assistant Professor
The Scripps Research Institute
La Jolla, CA 92037