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    • Check out the Boger Lab's recent groundbreaking synthesis of Vancomycin 3.0! Over 25,000 times more potent than its' predecessors, this superantibiotic has been hailed as the answer to antibiotic resistance by scientists and journalists alike. This has recently been in press around the globe, inlcuding major news outlets like CNN, BBC, and Science. You can read the PNAS publication of this revolutionary work here!

    Diene (Top to Bottom): Anindya Sarkar, Jiajun Zhang, Shinji Tadano, Maxwell Moore, Zixi Zhu, Zhi-Chen Wu, Shiwei Qu, Christopher Gartshore, Yu Cai, Byron Boon, Bin Cai, Brittany Smolarski, Satoshi Umezaki, Vyom Shukla, Stephanie Zhou; 
    Plus Sign: Shreyosree Chatterjee, Ezra Salazar, Kevin Litwin, Dale L. Boger, Ming-Hsiu Yang; 
    Dienophile (Top to Bottom): Ceheng Tan, Yuzo Mogi, Anushka Galasiti-Kankanamalage, Xianhuang Zeng, Jingjie Li, Jelena Momirov
    Not Pictured: Ryan Quinones

    Former Lab Group Photos