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Calibr's repurposed drug to treat non-viral diarrhea enters into a clinical trialClofazimine was identified as part of a concerted effort at Calibr to repurpose known drugs, in the hopes of accelerating the time it takes for innovative research to impact patients.
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Cells stressed out? Make mitochondria longerTSRI scientists investigate a phenomenon that may guard against disease as we age.
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A new cross-coupling simplifies the synthesis of drug-like molecules The new method is already having an impact on drug discovery programs.
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TSRI scientists zero in on treatment for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease "This study provides guidance for developing therapeutics," says Xiang-Lei Yang, PhD, TSRI professor and senior author of the study.
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TSRI researchers uncover culprit in Parkinson's brain cell die-offA new understanding of the disease points to a target for creating drugs slowing disease progression.
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New TSRI research points to better way to treat depressionTargeting a receptor called GPR158 may offer a new avenue to intervene when chronic stress triggers major depression.
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New method accelerates studies on carbohydrate biologyThe breakthrough may expand research on the roles of glycans in human diseases, including cancers.
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