Core Microscopy Facility

The Core Microscopy Facility at Scripps Research provides researchers with equipment and expertise required for multi-dimensional imaging of cells and tissues at high resolution and to perform quantitative image analysis. Resources include widefield, confocal, multi-photon, TIRF, super-resolution and electron microscopy, as well as equipment for live cell imaging and image analysis. In addition to providing access to advanced instrumentation, this facility, staffed by experts, is a source of instruction and training and constitutes a major educational resource. The Facility staff provides consultation, training, technical support, sample preparation, imaging assistance, and collaboration. Services include sample preparation, imaging, molecular localization, and image analysis.

The Core Microscopy Facility operates on a fee-for-services basis. For non-affiliated researchers, please contact Dr. Scott Henderson, for Scripps Researchers click here.

Electron Microscopy

Light Microscopy

Online calendars are available to reserve time on each individual instrument and qualified independent users can log on from their own labs to make their own appointments.

N.B. Users must receive training in the use of the microscope prior to use. Only training from the Microscopy facility staff is acceptable. If you have not had instruction (from the facility staff) in the use of the microscope, you must arrange a training session with the facility director prior to reserving time.

The Microscopy Core uses Infinity Idea Elan Core Management software for instrument reservations.  Please see the links below for access to: