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Scripps Research Honors Long-Time Employees

By Cindy Brauer

When she arrived at The Scripps Research Institute, phones were rotary-dial operated, audio cassettes offered the latest in music-listening technology, remote-less cathode-ray tube television sets aired the debut of “Wide World of Sports” and “Mr. Ed” shows, and gasoline cost 27 cents per gallon. 

Since that day in 1961, the institute’s longest-serving employee Lynn Oleski has witnessed the growth of Scripps Research as a world-renowned non-profit biomedical research organization, now comprising two campuses with a faculty that currently has four Nobel laureates. 

Administrative manager for the Department of Molecular and Experimental Medicine, Lynn Oleski was one of 212 honorees celebrated at the California campus’s recent annual Employee Recognition Banquet held on October 14 at the Stephen Birch Aquarium-Museum. The event recognized employees commemorating five-year service intervals beginning in 1961. Twenty employees on the Florida campus were feted at a banquet held September 24. 

Close behind Oleski’s 50 years of employment service is Professor Michael Oldstone’s 45 years with the institute. Oldstone’s career achievements and contributions to Scripps Research in the Department of Immunology and Microbial Science were highlighted by colleagues Professors Frank Chisari and Ari Theofilopoulos. 

The semi-formal event format, Vice President of Human Resources Cindy Scott-Lunau pointed out, offered new features, including dinner stations and belly bars, and open seating. Also new was the service award, an original hand-crafted crystal cumulative tower, given to each honoree. The tower comprises individual crystal blocks representing five-year service milestones. 

In addition to formal presentations, a brief personal video of river-rafting adventures shared by 20-year honoree Kresge Library Director Paula King provided an unexpected and entertaining highlight of the evening’s program. 

Scripps Research employees honored with service awards this year include: 

50 Years
Larlyn Oleski, Molecular & Experimental Medicine 

45 Years
Dr. Michael Oldstone, Immunology & Microbial Science 

35 Years
David Bonnet, Immunology & Microbial Science
Carol Fedoryszyn, Molecular & Experimental Medicine
Evelyn Phillips, Molecular & Integrative Neurosciences

30 Years
Stanley Block, Instrumentation & Design Lab
Jill Crowe, Immunology & Microbial Science
Jennifer Royce, Immunology & Microbial Science
David Wilson, Animal Resources
Dr. Akemi Yagi, Molecular & Experimental Medicine

25 Years
Ahmed Din, Environmental Services
Beverly Ellis, Chemistry
Paula Foley, President’s Office
Bruce Fowler, Chemistry
Fred E. Heaton, Office of Sponsored Programs
Stacy Hesters, Office of Sponsored Programs
Janet Hightower, Biomedical Graphics
Anita Lozano, Environmental Services
Joyce Nasella, Facilities Services
Eric Peterson, Security
Michael Pique, Molecular Biology
Dr. Steven Reed, Molecular Biology
Gale Roy-Session, Immunology & Microbial Science
Dr. Friedbert Weiss, Molecular & Integrative Neurosciences
Dr. Curt Wittenberg, Molecular Biology

20 Years
Douglas Bingham, Office of the Chief Operating Officer
Yael Blanc, Cell Biology
Clyde Brown, Facilities Services
Dr. Raj Chadha, X-ray Crystallography
Kay Cole, Chemistry
Alice Durand, Legal Office
Dr. Thomas Fitting, Legal Office
Tanya Gresham, Chemistry
Dr. Wendy Havran, Immunology & Microbial Science
Dr. Emily Holmes, Research Services
Dr. Mei-Hui Hsu, Molecular & Experimental Medicine
Jerry Jagar, Facilities Services
Dr. Jennifer Johnson, Molecular & Experimental Medicine
Paula King, Kresge Library
Dr. Vladimir Kravchenko, Immunology & Microbial Science
Dan Long, Facilities Services
Gregory Mcelhaney, Chemistry
Cecilia Sahagun, Finance
Anita San Soucie, Histology Core
Dr. Paul Schweitzer, Committee on Neurobiology of Addictive Disorders
Dr. Subhash Sinha, Molecular Biology
Charles Smallwood, Security
Neil Switzer, Facilities Services
Therese Thinnes, Immunology & Microbial Science
Lyric Van Ness, Molecular Biology
Francisco Vega, Environmental Services
Debbie Watry, Chemistry
Xiao Xu, Molecular & Experimental Medicine
15 Years
Dr. Fanny Almus, Molecular & Experimental Medicine
Tamara Barnas, Office of the Chief Operating Officer
James Berry, Business Computing
Richard Blazen, Facilities Services
Dr. Michael Boddy, Molecular Biology
Jane Coury, Communications
Judy Crowe, Security
Joannalyn Dudley, Facilities Services
Roberta Fuller, Molecular Biology
Gustavo Gonzalez, Finance
Mike Haizlip, Facilities Services
Dr. William Kiosses, Core Microscopy
Amber Kirk, Finance
Patricia Krier, Immunology & Microbial Science
Dr. Ramanarayanan Krishnamurthy, Chemistry
Gerard Kroon, Molecular Biology
William Latham II, Security
Michael Nguyen, Information Technology Services
Dr. Julius Rebek Jr., Skaggs Institute
Dr. Maria Sanna, Chemical Physiology
Ruby Santos, Molecular Biology
Kathryn Sterling, Molecular Biology
Janet Sundblad, Immunology & Microbial Science
Dr. Michael Taffe, Committee on Neurobiology of Addictive Disorders
Robert Thompson, Molecular & Experimental Medicine
Cesar Trias, Environmental Services
Alberto Vega, Environmental Services
Alfred Villasenor, Facilities Services
Angela Walker, Molecular Biology
Charles Wisneski, Security
Dr. Malcolm Wood, Core Microscopy
Dr. Bin Zhou, Chemistry
Dr. Eric Zorrilla, Committee on Neurobiology of Addictive Disorders

10 Years
Christine Attebury, Human Resources
Carina Balignot, Environmental Services
Marcus Bilbee, Security
Esteban Bituin, Facilities Services
Bryan Boyd, Immunology & Microbial Science
Dr. Vez Canonigo, Molecular & Integrative Neurosciences
Dr. Bridget Carragher, Cell Biology
Dr. Aileen Chang, Kresge Library
Dr. Karen Clingerman, Animal Resources
Katie Collins, Office of Philanthropy
Christina Corbaci, Immunology & Microbial Science
Kathleen Dashney, Animal Resources
Lishuang Dong, Information Technology Services
Manuel Fernandez II, Environmental Services
Carmen Flores, Environmental Services
Elizabeth Flores, Genetics
Olivia Garijo, Immunology & Microbial Science
Elena Gastelum, Cell Biology
Julio Giannotti, Environmental Health & Safety
Pamela Graham, Office of Sponsored Programs
David Hinton, Environmental Health & Safety
Stephanie Huizenga, Environmental Health & Safety
Dr. Masanori Isogawa, Immunology & Microbial Science
Arthur Jesse, Facilities Services
Cheryl Johnson, Immunology & Microbial Science
Dr. Carolyn Keierleber, Environmental Health & Safety
Brant Kelley, Information Technology Services
Charles Keyte Jr., Facilities Services
Dr. Sunil Kurian, Molecular & Experimental Medicine
Dr. Lucas Leman, Chemistry
Rachel Longville, Environmental Health & Safety
Linda Lukasiewicz, Human Resources
Cathleen Luna, Molecular & Experimental Medicine
Dr. Yunping Luo, Immunology & Microbial Science
Kimberly Masuda, Chemical Physiology
Dr. Michael Mcheyzer-Williams, Immunology & Microbial Science
Louise Mcheyzer-Williams, Immunology & Microbial Science
Dr. Dianne Mckay, Immunology & Microbial Science
Joselito Miranda, Environmental Services
Dr. Laurent Mosnier, Molecular & Experimental Medicine
Denise Munoz, Molecular & Experimental Medicine
John Murphy, Environmental Health & Safety
Joselito Nidea, Animal Resources
Jonathan Otsuji, Antibody Product Core Facility
Dr. Lesley Page, Cell Biology
Richard Peralta, Animal Resources
Ryan Pettit, Facilities Services
Dr. Clinton Potter, Cell Biology
James Pulokas, Cell Biology
Joel Quispe, Cell Biology
Jennifer Rafanan, Molecular Biology
Dr. Nahid Razi, Chemical Physiology
Dr. Natalia Reixach, Molecular & Experimental Medicine
Dr. Marisa Roberto, Committee on Neurobiology of Addictive Disorders
John Shimashita, Center for Protein & Nucleic Acid
Felix Stricklin Jr., Facilities Services
Mario Tabernero, Animal Resources
Nina Tung, Center for Protein & Nucleic Acid
Wilasinee Uritboonthai, Center for Metabolomics. & Mass Spectrometry
Jeffrey Velasquez, Molecular Biology
Dr. Andrew Ward, Molecular Biology
Robert Zamora, Facilities Services
Dr. Qinghai Zhang, Molecular Biology

Florida ­- 10 Years
Brandon Young, Tri-Genomics Core

5 Years
Joanne Adams, IACUC
Carol Akita-Ayres, Animal Resources
Dr. Kristin Baldwin, Cell Biology
Tina Banuelos, Environmental Services
Celeste Bostian, Office of Sponsored Programs
Carrie Brady, Animal Resources
Dr. Sydney Brenner, Chemistry
Kevin Cahill, Legal Office
Abel Camey, Environmental Services
Jennifer Castle, Animal Resources
Dr. Vadim G. Cherezov, Molecular Biology
Pamela Cryer, Molecular & Integrative Neurosciences
Laura Daleo, Finance
Marc Deller, Molecular Biology
Rodneil Deocareza, Animal Resources
Ian Dong, Animal Resources
Tony Dupuy, Research Services
Kristen Farrish, Animal Resources
Rene Ferreras, Environmental Services
Dr. Nicholas Gekakis, Cell Biology
Dr. Olivier George, Committee on Neurobiology of Addictive Disorders
Sarah Harkins-Perry, Cell Biology
Bethany Hazen, Chemical Physiology
David Herold, Facilities
Dr. Herod Howard, Animal Resources
Julian Inosanto, Environmental Services
Dr. Claudio A. Joazeiro, Cell Biology
Charles Julian Jr., Facilities Services
Ewa Kalisiak, Center for Metabolomics & Mass Spectrometry
Paul Kwiatkowski, Security
Lorraine Lathrop, Cell Biology
Dr. Brian Lawson, Immunology & Microbial Science
Danielle Letourneau, Molecular Biology
Jessica Lukosus, Office of Sponsored Programs
Matthew Mealy, Animal Resources
Dr. Marcel Mettlen, Cell Biology
Linn Mitchell, Human Resources
Kathleen Moore, Information Technology Services
Mary Mulshine, Chemistry
David Nguyen, Animal Resources
Jackson Nguyen, Business Computing
Susan Quello, Committee on Neurobiology of Addictive Disorder
Nerio Retonel, Environmental Services
Rebecca Rigdon-Anderson, Finance
David Root, Information Technology Services
Michael Rowell, Facilities Services
Dr. Enrique Saez, Chemical Physiology
Dr. Karsten Sauer, Immunology & Microbial Science
Karen Saye, Immunology & Microbial Science
Ryan Shapiro, Molecular Biology
Dr. Nimish Sidhpura, Committee on Neurobiology of Addictive Disorder
Sarah Story, Environmental Services
Susan Tate, Cell Biology
Dr. Oleg Trott, Molecular Biology
Luis Valdez Hernandez, Procurement
Lisa Van Veen, Molecular Biology
Roslind Varghese, Research Administration
Dr. Hugh Wang, Legal Office
Megan Welch, Immunology & Microbial Science
Holly Wheeler, Counseling Services
Dr. Yu Xia, Genetics
Ryan Ziegler, Human Resources 

Florida - ­5 Years
Susan Capone-Rode, Office of Philanthropy
Mayra Caramazana, Cancer Biology
John Cleveland, Cancer Biology
Ruben Garcia-Ordonez, Molecular Therapeutics
Earl Hose III, Procurement
Deborah Leach Scampavia, Scientific Operations
Katie Lemay, Infectology
Yuanyuan Ling, Tri-Discovery Biology
Bradley Long, Tri-Genomics Core
Qun Lu, Molecular Therapeutics
Franck Madoux, Tri-Lead Identification
Kelly Mckevitt, Cancer Biology
Becky Mercer, Tri-Lead Identification
Jason Nowak, Cancer Biology
Peter Policastro, Business Development
Youseung Shin, Tri-Medicinal Chemistry
Emery Smith, Infectology
Diane Wildman, Scientific Operations
Chun-Ying Yang, Cancer Biology




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Among those celebrating milestone anniversaries at Scripps Research is Lynn Oleski of the Department of Molecular and Experimental Medicine, who celebrates her 50th year.