Vol 10. Issue 7 / March 1, 2010

Long-Distance Operator
The institute's distance learning system answers the call.

Scripps Research Appoints Pete Herold as Vice President of Facilities Services
Pete Herold moves upstairs.

Philip LoGrasso Promoted to Full Professor

Martin Friedlander Wins 2010 Bressler Prize in Vision Science

Scripps Florida Intern's Photographs Featured at Hibel Museum of Art

Florida Community Lecture: "Conquering Alzheimer's Disease – Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment"

Team Reveals How An Old Drug Could Have A New Use for Treating River Blindness

Scientists Find Two Compounds that Lay the Foundation for a New Class of AIDS Drug

Team Finds Stress Hormone Key to Alcohol Dependence

Scientists Find Cancer Cells Co-opt Fat Metabolism Pathway to Become More Malignant

Team Wins Global Race to Achieve Landmark Synthesis of Perplexing Natural Product

Scientists Show "Lifeless" Prions Capable of Evolutionary Change and Adaptation

Scientists Crack Mystery of Protein's Dual Function

Researchers Reveal Key Structure from Ebola Virus

Team Restores Some Function to Cells from Cystic Fibrosis Patients

Elizabeth Fago Gives $1 Million to Scripps Florida

Team Develops Cheap, Easy "Kitchen Chemistry" to Perform Formerly Complex Synthesis

Courtney Miller's Compass
The Scripps Florida scientist has known what she has wanted to do for a long, long time.