Vol 9. Issue 26 / September 14, 2009

Scientists Illuminate Structure of Circulating Lung Cancer Cells - New findings from the Kuhn lab could lead to improved diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Researchers Identify Genetic Cause for Type of Deafness - A discovery from the Mueller lab helps explain progressive hearing loss.

Donald Phinney Joins Scripps Research - Professor Donald Phinney, a nationally recognized expert in the study of adult bone marrow-derived stem cells, joins the Department of Molecular Therapeutics.

Phil Baran Wins ACS Award in Pure Chemistry
James Paulson Wins 2009 Karl Meyer Award
Sandra Schmid Elected ASCB President
Jin-Quan Yu Awarded National Science Foundation Funds
Stephanie Cherqui Wins Grant from Cystinosis Research Foundation
Posters and Talks Showcase Kellogg School Students’ Work

Latest Scripps Florida Collaboration Aims to Reshape Addiction Therapy

A Matter of Practicality

Team Reports Breakthrough in Creating Live Mice from Skin Cells

Scientists Uncover a New Protein Necessary for the Proper Formation of the Immune System

Scientists Find Key Culprits in Lupus

Scientists Uncover Novel Mechanism Controlling Tumor Growth in the Brain

Team Led by Scripps Research Scientists Finds New Way that Cells Fix Damage to DNA

A Potential New MS Treatment's Long and Winding Road

Scripps Research Holds 17th Commencement

Two New Antibodies Found to Cripple HIV - Research led by Professor Dennis Burton reveals an Achilles' heel on the HIV virus that AIDS vaccine researchers may be able to exploit.