Vol 8. Issue 29 / October 6, 2008

Scientists Define Structure of Important Neurological Receptor, Establishing a Platform to Understand G Protein-Coupled Receptors - The findings from the Stevens lab may help in the development of a new class of Parkinson's disease treatments.

Study Unveils Structural Details of Enzyme Vital to DNA Repair - The new findings from the Tainer and Russell labs may help the development of potential cancer therapies.


Exploring "Molecules That Changed the World"

Team Reverses Huntington's Disease Symptoms in Mice

Scripps Research Receives Record Federal Grant of More than $80 Million

Probing the Proteome

New Study Solves Structural Mystery of Cellular Protein Transpor

The Globalist

Scientists Reveal Critical Structure from Ebola Virus

Disease-Causing Mutations Reveal Surprising Pattern

Scripps Research and IAVI Launch World's First Dedicated HIV Neutralizing Antibody Center - The goal of the center, led by Scripps Research Professor Dennis Burton, is to solve the number-one scientific problem impeding AIDS vaccine development.