Vol 8. Issue 25 / September 8, 2008

Scientists Find Gene Expression Profile Shared by Pluripotent Stem Cells - A team solves the problem of how to identify human cells that have the potential to become many other cell types.

Study Topples the One Drug—One Disease Paradigm for Combating Protein-Folding Diseases - The findings may lead to a novel therapeutic for multiple diseases.

Carlos Barbas Wins Tetrahedron Young Investigator Award

Ben Cravatt Wins EUREKA Award

Probing the Proteome

New Study Solves Structural Mystery of Cellular Protein Transpor

The Globalist

Scientists Reveal Critical Structure from Ebola Virus

Disease-Causing Mutations Reveal Surprising Pattern

Research Unveils New Stabilizing and Signaling Properties of Cholesterol in Key Human Receptors

NIH Awards $20 Million CTSA Grant to Scripps Translational Science Institute

Scientists Find Seizure Drug Reverses Cellular Effects of Alcohol Addiction in Model

New Patent Covers Broad Class of Promising Chemical Reactions

Scripps Research Receives Record Federal Grant of More than $80 Million - The new grant, supporting research on both the Florida and California campuses, will fund the screening of molecules for possible drug development.