Vol 6. Issue 39 / December 18, 2006

Father Cycles Coast-to-Coast to Rally Support Against Rare Disorder - Frank Wootten wants to raise awareness and research funds to fight Friedreich's ataxia—the disease that afflicts his son, Thomas.

Chris Ochoa - Meet Chris Ochoa, housekeeper in Environmental Services who shared the department's Employee of the Year award.

Laurent Mosnier Wins Pathway to Independence Award

Benjamin Hafensteiner and William Brenzovich Receive Eli Lilly Fellowships




Focusing on What's Important

A Stitch in Time

Trapped in the Folding Machine

Building a Bridge from Basic Science to New Therapies: An Interview with Patrick Griffin

Reduced Body Temperature Extends Lifespan in Scripps Research Study

Study Offers Innovative Profile of Enzyme That Aids Tumor Growth

A Good Year

Two Steps Forward

Friends in High Places

Twice Told Tales

Study Reveals Molecular Basis of Botulism Toxin's Deadly Activity - New research from the Stevens lab leads to improved understanding of the toxin and opens the door to potential new treatments for food poisoning, nervous system diseases, and other threats.