Vol 6. Issue 37 / December 4, 2006


Laurent Mosnier Wins Pathway to Independence Award
Laurent Mosnier, a research associate in The Scripps Research Institute's Griffin lab, has been awarded a Pathway to Independence Award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This new type of award from the NIH is designed to support the transition from postdoctoral trainee to independent scientist.

In his current project, Mosnier aims to improve our understanding of the cytoprotective properties of blood coagulation proteases. Building on recent successes with engineered variants of the blood coagulation protease activated protein C, he will use protein engineering approaches to improve the cytoprotective properties of other blood coagulation proteases. These engineered variants could potentially provide improved and novel therapeutics for thrombotic and inflammatory disorders.

Benjamin Hafensteiner and William Brenzovich Receive Eli Lilly Fellowships
Graduate students Benjamin Hafensteiner of the Baran lab and William Brenzovich of the Nicolaou lab have been selected to receive 2007 Eli Lilly and Company Foundation fellowships, which support outstanding Kellogg School of Science and Technology senior graduate students working in the areas of chemical synthesis and chemical biology.


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