Vol 6. Issue 28 / Sep 25, 2006

Faculty Promotions Announced - Faculty promotions were announced at recent meetings of the Scripps Research Board of Trustees. Promotions included Wendy Havran, Glen Nemerow, and Luc Teyton, who now hold the rank of full professor.

Deborah Leach-Scampavia - Meet Deborah Leach-Scampavia, education and outreach administrator for Scripps Florida.


Graduate Program Retreat Looks to Next Generation of Leading Scientists

Study Unveils Structure of Key Component of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Scripps Research Team Reverses Friedreich's Ataxia Defect in Cell Culture

Scripps Research Scientists Successfully Test New Anti-Obesity Vaccine

Quantum Leap

Scientists Show Prion Disease Agent Can Cause Heart Damage

Researchers Map Infectious Hepatitis B Virus

Blood Work

Study Details Structural Changes of a Key Catalytic Enzyme - The findings from the Wright-Dyson lab challenge a traditional hypothesis and may aid in drug design.