Vol 5. Issue 39 / December 19, 2005

Got Databases? New Informatics Core Can Help - Clark Grininger, director of the new Informatics Core, helps Scripps Research groups in need of help with databases and web applications.

What Makes a Cell Stay

4E10 Named "Molecule of the Year"

Scientists Discover Small Molecule That Generates Neurons from Adult Stem Cells

"Unprecedented" Functional Amyloid Found to Play Beneficial Role In Human Cells

Reports from the Scripps/Oxford Conference

From the Ground Up

Campus Hosts Science and Immigration Forum

The Front Part of a Cell

A Protein that Affects the Shape of Neurons

The Face of Tumefaciens

Research Suggests New Approaches to Atherosclerosis - Scripps Research investigators Linda Curtiss, Peter Tobias, and Adam Mullick publish a study showing that a protein called "TLR2" exacerbates atherosclerosis.