Vol 5. Issue 15 / May 2, 2005

Public Access 2005
A new NIH policy goes into effect on May 2, 2005, and, if you are a scientist, it concerns perhaps every paper you will ever write again.

Visits Brighten Seniors' Day - A new volunteer program reaches out to seniors with few family members or friends.

French Charitable Trust/Wells Fargo Supports San Diego Outreach Program.

Matthew Trifilo Wins Young Scientist Award.

Ryan Shenvi Awarded Graduate Fellowship.


Aneuploidy Matters

Why Do Amyloid Diseases Strike Different Tissues?

Drive to Discover: An Interview with Peter Vogt

The Latest Results for a New Theory About Fragile X Syndrome

CD1 in Prime Time

Cooperation is Key—A New Way of Looking at MicroRNA and How it Controls Gene Expression

Good Molecules Gone Bad: When Interferons Interfere with the Wrong Thing

Kenan Charitable Trust Gives $200,000 for Scripps Florida Education Outreach Programs
"This generous gift means that we can begin the summer science internship program in our labs on the Florida Atlantic University MacArthur campus this year," said Harry W. Orf of Scripps Florida.