Vol 5. Issue 1 / January 10, 2005

Fermenter Speeds Research - "We're getting great yields with the new machine," says Research Assistant Kim Masuda, "and we can now do an entire run in a single day."

Metabolite Profiling Rings in New Year

Markou Garners Honors

Chen Wins Travel Award

Small Molecule Shuts Off Gene Expression and Keeps Cancer in Check

"Fossil Record" of the Human Immune System Reveals Antibodies that Block Cancer Metastasis

Innate Immunity Up Close

Detecting the Genes That Contribute to Transplant Rejection

Here's looking at you, CD1

Where Math Meets Biology

Propagating Immunology - For years, scientists assumed that T cell selection would follow more or less the same paradigm as B cells, but this turns out not to be the case.