Vol 3. Issue 31 / October 18, 2004

Mass Spectrometry Down to the "Yoctomole" - Scripps Research investigators announce a new record detection limit for mass spectrometry—the lonely yoctomole, 10 -24 moles.

Celebrating Service - The annual Service Awards Banquet feted employees celebrating 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 years at the institute.

American Neurological Association Honors Bloom.

Study Suggests Component of Volcanic Gas May Have Played a Significant Role in the Origins of Life on Earth

NIH Awards $14.5 Million, Five-Year Grant to Scripps Research

A New Wrinkle in Methamphetamine Abuse: Immune Tolerance

Stem Cell Therapy Holds Promise for People with Untreatable Blindness

Mechanical Biology: Research on the Leading Edge

New "Clock Gene" Uncovered

Scripps Florida Introduces Innovative Programs and Recruits World-Class Scientists

Inflammation and the Brain

A Simple Strategy for Blocking HIV Transmission Proves Effective in Pre-Clinical Trials - A compound that strips HIV docking molecules from cells shows promise in blocking male-to-female sexual transmission of AIDS.