Treating Cocaine Addiction with Viruses
Scientists in the Janda lab have designed a potentially valuable tool for treating cocaine addiction by creating a modified "phage" virus that soaks up the drug inside the brain.

Scientists Identify Protein Believed to Control Formation of Memory
"There is a link between [a protein called CBP] and very severe problems in humans," says Associate Professor Mark Mayford.

The Key to Cell Motility
Professor Gary Bokoch and colleagues have described the regulatory mechanism of a protein called Rac, implicated in cancer, mental retardation, and other conditions.

Cravatt Wins ACS Eli Lilly Award
Professor Benjamin Cravatt III has won this year's Eli Lilly Award in Biological Chemistry from the American Chemical Society for his contributions to biochemistry research.

Ding Awarded Grant from Michael J. Fox Foundation
Assistant Professor Sheng Ding has been awarded a grant from the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

O'Malley Wins Hertz and NDSEG Fellowships
Daniel O'Malley, a second-year doctoral candidate, has won two graduate fellowships.

In Memoriam:
Bernard M. Babior, 1935-2004

Scripps Research loses one of its distinguished investigators.