British Newspaper Ranks TSRI Most Influential
The British newspaper The Guardian reported that TSRI is the most influential institution in the world in the physical sciences, which includes the fields of chemistry and physics.

Focusing on the Electron Microscopy Facility
Electron Microscopy Facility staff look for clues to better understand biological processes.

Snapshot: John Chung
Meet John Chung, director of TSRI's Biomolecular NMR Facility.

TSRI Graduate Student Wins BMS Fellowship in Synthetic Organic Chemistry
TSRI's Danielle Soenen, a graduate student in the Boger lab, has won a 2001 Bristol-Myers Squibb Fellowship in Organic Chemistry.

Research Associate Wins Lady Tata Memorial Trust Fellowship
Research Associate Youzhong Yuan of the Molecular and Experimental Medicine Department has won a fellowship from the Lady Tata Memorial Trust for research into leukemia.

Diabetes Under Investigation

Exposed to the same risk factors, some people contract Type 1 diabetes and some don't. Professor Nora Sarvetnick investigates the basic biology of the disease.