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Announcements 2011

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  • Stem Cell Awareness Day - Wednesday, October 5, 2011
    Stem Cell Awareness Day to Be Celebrated Around the Globe, Throughout California
    There are many different types of stem cells, each with very different potential to treat disease.
  • World Stem Cell Summit - October 3-5, 2011
    Your Gateway to:  The International Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Community
    Summit Agenda
    The Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena, CA.
  • The Scripps Research Institute Center for Regenerative Medicine presents:
    Ludovic Vallier, Ph.D.
    The Anne McLaren Laboratory for Regenerative Medicine
    University of Cambridge, UK
    “Mechanisms controlling early cell fate specification in human pluripotent stem cells”
    Monday, June 27th, 2011 at 1:30PM
    The W.M. Keck Amphitheater
  • Local Parkinson's group, trying to raise funds to make clinical-grade Parkinson's iPSC-derived dopaminergic neurons
    Dr. Jeanne F. Loring






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