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   Lipton SA, Choi Y-B. . . Chen H-SV, Sucher NJ, Singel DJ, Loscalzo J, Stamler JS. A redox-based mechanism for the neuroprotective and neurodestructive effects of nitric oxide and related nitroso-compounds. Nature 1993;364:626-632.

     Leifer D, Krainc D, Yu Y-T, McDermott J, Breitbart RE, Heng J, Neve RL, Kosofsky B, Nadal-Ginard B, Lipton SA. MEF2C, a MADS/MEF2-family transcription factor expressed in a laminar distribution in cerebral cortex. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 1993;90:1546-1550.

     Das S, Sasaki YF. . . Chen H-SV, Lipton SA, Nakanishi N. Increased NMDA current and spine density in mice lacking the NMDAR subunit NR3A. Nature 1998;393:377-381.

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     Kaul M, Garden GA, Lipton SA. Pathways to neuronal injury and apoptosis in HIV dementia. Nature 2001;410:988-94.

     Digicaylioglu M, Lipton SA. Erythropoietin mediates neuroprotection via cross-talk between the Jak2 and NF-kB signalling cascades. Nature 2001;412:641-647.

     Chatterton JE. . . Nakanishi N, Tong G, Lipton SA, Zhang D. Excitatory glycine receptor containing the NR3 family of NMDA receptor subunits. Nature 2002;415:793-798.

     Gu Z, Kaul M. . . Strongin A, Smith JW, Liddington RC, Lipton SA. S-Nitrosylation of matrix metalloproteinases: signaling pathway to neuronal cell death. Science 2002;297:1186-1190.

     Lipton SA. Turning down but not off—paradigm shift in neuroprotective drug development. Nature 2004;428:473.

     Yao D, Gu Z. . .  Lipton SA. Nitrosative stress linked to sporadic Parkinson’s disease: S-Nitrosylation of parkin regulates it E3 ligase activity. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2004;101:10810-10814; Comment by Lipton SA et al., Science2005;308:1870.

     Lipton SA. Paradigm shift in neuroprotection by NMDA receptor blockade:  Memantine and beyond. Nature Rev Drug Disc 2006;5:160-170.

     Uehara T. . . Gu Z, Masliah E, Nomura Y, Lipton SA. S-Nitrosylation of protein-disulphide isomerase links protein misfolding to neurodegeneration. Nature 2006;441:513-517.

     Li H, Radford, JC, Ragusa MJ, Shea KL, McKercher SR, Zaremba J, Soussou W, Nie Z. . . Lipton SA. Transcription factor MEF2C influences neural stem/progenitor cell differentiation and maturation in vivo. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA2008;1-5:9397-402.

     Lipton SA, Li H, Zaremba JD, McKercher SR, Cui J. . . Soussou W, Talantova M, Okamoto S, Nakanishi N. Autistic phenotype from MEF2C knockout cells. Science 2009;323:208.

     Cho D-H, Nakamura T. . . Godzik A, Gu Z, Lipton SA. S-Nitrosylation of Drp1 mediates β-amyloid-related mitochondrial fission and neuronal injury. Science 2009;324:102-105.

     Ambasudhan R, Talantova M, Coleman R, Yuan X, Zhu S, Lipton SA*, Ding S*. Direct reprogramming of adult human fibroblasts to functional neurons under defined conditions.  Cell Stem Cell 2011;9:113-118 (*co-corresponding authors).

     Ryan SD. . . Jaenisch R, Ambasudhan R, Lipton SA. Isogenic human iPSC Parkinson's model shows nitrosative stress-induced dysfunction in MEF2-PGC1α transcription. Cell 2013:155;1351–1364.

     Sunico CR. . . Ambasudhan R, Nakanishi N, Lipton SA. Role of sulfiredoxin as a peroxiredoxin-2 denitrosylase in human iPSC-derived dopaminergic neurons. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2016;113: E7564-E7571.

     Akhtar MW. . . McKercher SR, Ambasudhan R, Nakamura T, Lipton SA. Elevated glucose and oligomeric β-amyloid disrupt synapses via a common pathway of aberrant protein S-nitrosylation. Nature Commun 2016;7:10242.

     Nagar S, Noveral SM, Trudler D, Lopez K, McKercher SR. . . Lipton SA. MEF2D haploinsufficiency downregulates the NRF2 pathway and renders photoreceptors susceptible to light-induced oxidative stress. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA2017;114:E4048-E4056.

     Tu S, Akhtar MW, Escorihuela RM, Amador-Arjona A, Swarp V, Parker J, Zaremba JD, Holland T, Bansal N, Holoham DR, Lopez K, Ryan SD, Chan SF, Yan L, Zhang X, Huang X, Sultan A, McKercher SR, Ambasudhan R, Xu H, Wang Y, Geschwind DH, Roberts AJ, Terskikh AV, Masliah E, Lipton SA, Nakanishi N. NitroSynapsin therapy for the mouse MEF2C haploinsufficiency model of human autism. Nature Commun 2017, in press.



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