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The Krishnamurthy Lab

Research in our group is focused on the use of synthetic organic chemistry and methodology to

  • experimentally address questions concerning the origins of life with respect to the advent of functional monomers and the emergence of informational polymers.
  • fashion artificial informational polymers in order to expand the interface between synthetic nucleic acids and the natural biopolymers (proteins and RNA/DNA).
  • make available novel molecular tools that may provide new avenues for probing biological systems and for research in synthetic biology.
  • make available diverse novel molecules and intermediates that would be useful in chemical therapeutics.

      Group Members (June 2021)



Phosphorylation, oligomerization and self-assembly in water under potential prebiotic conditions


The Depsipeptide route to Peptides in a Prebiotic Scenario

How the suggestion of Ram Krishnamurthy of mixing alpha-amino acids and alpha-hydroxy acids led to the depsipeptide project within the Center of Chemical Evolution.



Speaking to the Synthetic Organic Chemists


Synlett 2017 Cover


An Alternative Paradigm to the Emergence of RNA

RNA is a Destination and not a Destiny