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2017: Alumni Ramesh Giri, first student of the Yu group, published his first JACS paper!
2017: Our colleague Kim Janda discusses the vaccines he has developed for treating
the opioid epidemic with former President Bill Clinton at his annual health care
initiative. [Photo]
2017: Jin has been admitted as a Honorary Fellow of Chinese Chemical Society,
2016: Pankaj has received a job offer from Novartis, congratulations!
2016: A recent interview with ACS Axial
2016: Anh has received a job offer from Arcus Biosciences, congratulations!
2016: Jin has won the MacArthur Genius Grant , congratulations, Jin!
2016: Ling Chu has won the IPMI Elemental graduate student award, congratulations!
2015: Jian He has won the IPMI student award, congratulations!
2015: Keary M Engle received assistant professorship job offers from multiple places
including The Scripps Research Institute, congratulations!
2015: Masayuki Wasa received assistant professorship job offer from Boston College,
2015: Xiao-Chen Wang received job offer from Nankai University as the "1000-talent"
plan Professor, congratulations!
2014: Brian has received a job offer from Pfizer. Congratulations!
2014: Jillian has received a job offer from Pfizer. Congratulations!
2014: Jin has won the Elias J. Corey Award.
2014: Jian has won the Sigma-Aldrich Graduate Student Innovationn Award.
2014: Kelvin has won a GEN TEN Award.
2013: Jin has won the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Prize in the Physical Sciences.
2012: Jin has won the Mukaiyama Award.
2012: Jin has been named an Arthur C. Cope Scholar.
2011: Peter has been granted an EPA STAR graduate fellowship. Congratulations, Peter!
2011: Keary has won a K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award. Congratulations, Keary!