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A picture of John Dr John R Yates III
Principal Investigator

Dr Yates and his lab's indelible contributions to the field of proteomics have been recognized since 1987 with over 1,000 publications and over 160,000 citations according to Google Scholar. John received his B.A. of Zoology and M.S. of Chemistry at University of Maine, 1980 & 1983, followed quickly by his Ph.D of Chemistry at University of Virginia, 1987. He is recognized as the Ernest W. Hahn Professor of the Departments of Molecular Medicine and Neurobiology. 

John has been a professor of Chemistry and Molecular Medicine at Scripps Research Institute since 2007 and has lectured for the following institutions & organizations:

Diversa Inc, Torrey Mesa Research Institute, University of Washington, California Institute of Technology, Catholic University of America, and University of Virginia.

A few of John's awards include the title of Ernest W. Hahn Professor at Scripps Research Institute, the HUPO Award in Discovery (2017) and in Proteomics (2005), Michael Gross Lecture from University of Nebraska (2022) among many more over the years. 

Lab Members

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