Graduate Students

Rotation Projects

Ph.D. Projects

  1. HLA-DM tetramers
  2. HLA-DQ8 tetramers for clinical usage
  3. SPR on artificial lipid membranes
  4. Characterization of recombinant CD3δε and γε
  5. Insulin peptide binding to MHC class II molecules
  6. In vitro activity of recombinant GLA and GLA on glycolipids
  7. CXCL4 binding to glycolipids
  8. Human proteome associated to glycolipid transport
  9. Treg cells in NOD mice and mutant NOD mice
  10. Changing the specificity of L363 antibodies
  11. Specificity of IVD12 and CS200.1 antibodies
  12. Role of the loop b40-50 in the allostery of MHC class II molecules
  13. Binding of HLA-DM to HLA-DQ8 and HLA-DQ2/8 transdimers
  14. Peptide binding to HLA-DQ8 dimers versus HLA-DQ2/8 transdimers
  15. Immune responses in HLA-DQ8 HuCD4 transgenic mice
  16. Immune responses in HLA-DR3-DQ2 HuCD4 transgenic mice
  17. Immune responses in HLA-DR3-DQ2-DQ8 HuCD4 transgenic mice
  18. Influence of CD3 for MHC class II tetramer binding
  19. Influence of lipid composition for MHC class II tetramer binding
  20. Redesign of MHC class II tetramers
  21. Reconstitution of the TCR-CD3 complex for structural studies
  22. Anti-gangliosides immune responses
  23. Role of glucosylceramide in thymic selection of NKT cells
  24. Enzymatic inhibitors to stimulate NKT cells
  25. Characterization of anti-glycan high affinity antibodies
  26. Crystallization of anti-glycan high affinity antibodies
  27. Monoclonal antibodies to alpha-linked monoglycosylceramides
  28. Characterization of CD32-TCR interactions
  29. Crispr/Cas9 disruption of lipid metabolism
  30. Characterization of anti-phospholipid antibodies
  31. Mapping of the binding sites of the invariant chain on MHC class II molecules

  • Characterization of CD4+ autoreactive T cells in type 1 diabetes
  • Designing and testing new anti-glycan based vaccines
  • Using structural studies to produce a new class of immunosuppressive drugs
  • Anti-HLA antibodies therapy in mouse model and pre-clinical studies
  • Transport of glycolipids in human
  • Manipulation of NKT cells in vivo for therapeutic applications