“It’s just magical what scientists are doing”

As a professor of journalism at San Diego State University for 25 years, Barbara Hartung, PhD, maintained a keen understanding of the global issues impacting everyday lives. She still does. Now retired, she and her husband, Jim, a former banking executive, travel the world and actively engage in local civic activities.

Both are proponents of the vibrant scientific research community in the San Diego area and at Scripps Research, in particular. Barbara joined the San Diego chapter of the ARCS (Achievement Rewards for College Scientists) Foundation, which lends financial support to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing studies in scientific fields. “Many of the young scientists we supported would come speak at our meetings,” she says, “and I always found the graduate students from Scripps Research to be really impressive.” (The graduate program at Scripps Research is consistently ranked among the ten best in the nation by U. S. News & World Report.)

She and Jim were moved to add their personal support to the graduate program at Scripps Research, as well as making regular unrestricted gifts. “We’re not huge donors but we give what we can because science affects us so directly,” says Jim. “We believe the students at Scripps Research are doing such creative things and we need more dedicated young people in science.”

The couple also attend as many lectures and public events at Scripps Research as they can. “We don’t miss a one,” says Jim. “It’s just magical what scientists are doing. The faculty and students there are outstanding, and we know we’re supporting the best with our donations.”