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You want your donation to have a positive impact, to touch a life and make the world a better place. Joined by like-minded supporters, your contribution to Scripps Research helps speed life-changing discoveries that affect your family and loved ones.

The many FDA-approved drugs arising from ingenuity at Scripps Research include effective treatments for several cancers, leukemia, arthritis and respiratory distress syndrome. Dozens of additional drug candidates—targeting multiple sclerosis, dementia and pain relief—are currently undergoing analysis and refinement.

The journal Nature has ranked the institute #1 in the world for its influence on innovation. It has also been called “the crown jewel” of research institutes in America. This doesn’t happen by accident. We bring together the best scientific minds from around the globe to explore the fundamental workings of life and we use our discoveries to creatively solve the toughest health problems. We expose the underlying causes of disease and develop medicines to restore health.

If you want to make a long-lasting impact with your gift, unite with those who support Scripps Research. Help turn scientific curiosity into breakthrough cures.

Ideas Become Innovations

Increasingly, scientists at Scripps Research are not only discovering promising drug candidates but also employing the institute’s capabilities for comprehensive testing and refinement to drive their discoveries toward clinical trials. Hugh Rosen is one dauntless investigator who’s turning scientific curiosity into breakthrough medicines.