Animal Models & Murine Behavioral Assessment

Scripps Research Animal Models Core Facility has been established to provide a wide range of in vivo tests to the Scripps Research community as well as to the greater San Diego research community and beyond. A primary focus of this core is to provide tests that allow investigators to make transitions from laboratory findings to clinical applications by enabling the modeling of human diseases and the development of medications and other treatment strategies. For example, in addition to general test batteries, specific panels have been developed for neuropsychiatric disorders, including anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, disorders of learning and memory, disorders of motor functioning, sleep disorders, and drug and alcohol abuse and dependence. Core services include designing and implementing specific behavioral tests, general test batteries, surgical procedures, and drug administration protocols, as well as training in all of these areas. Included in a service package is experimental design advice, assistance with IACUC animal protocol submission, assistance with writing descriptions of these tests in grant proposals and manuscripts, data analysis, and results interpretation.

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The Mouse Behavior Core at Scripps Florida provides an excellent resource for investigators wishing to include behavioral assays in their research programs. Assays are designed for mouse phenotyping or for drug intervention in mouse models, and a wide range of behavioral paradigms is available. The Mouse Behavior Core can provide consultations and training or can carry out complete behavioral experiments for the investigator.