High Performance Computing

La Jolla, California Campus

The institute maintains a large 64-bit LINUX cluster, "Garibaldi," on the La Jolla campus to support scientific computation and large-scale data storage. The Garibaldi cluster has a total of 2,848 cores available for computations. Between local and shared disks the Garibaldi cluster has more than 250 terabytes of high-performance disk space available from the Data Direct Networks (DDN) SFA10K storage unit running IBM GPFS filesystem. The Garibaldi cluster uses the Torque batch queueing system to ensure maximum system throughput and fair access.

An extensive data communications network connects 19 buildings on the La Jolla campus consisting of Cisco Gigabit Ethernet switches and routers capable of providing 1 Gbps connectivity to all Scripps Research La Jolla users. The institute's connection to the internet is through the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) as an affiliate member of CENIC (the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California) which provides a peering arrangement with Internet2. 

The institute operates a central data archival facility which uses 300 Terabytes disk cache, and a large high speed Quantum Scalar i6000 tape library.