Automated Synthesis Facility

La Jolla, California Campus

The Automated Synthesis Facility provides hardware, software and services in support of data-rich synthetic experiments. The facility helps synthetic chemists with all phases of a project, including project planning, reaction setup, reaction analysis, product purification and data visualization. The staff assists users with developing project-specific instrument protocols and custom data processing and reporting. Projects of all sizes are welcome.

9:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m. (PT) or by appointment

Equipment and software for reaction setup:

  • Unchained Labs Freeslate robotic platform with liquid handling, solid dispense, mixing, temperature control, filtration, and pressure capabilities, housed in a nitrogen purge box
  • ThermoFisher plate speedvac, housed in the same nitrogen purge box as the Freeslate robotic platform
  • V&P Scientific tumble stirrer with heating, not in purge box

Equipment for analysis:

  • Waters I-Class LC with diode array and high-resolution mass spec (Waters G2-XS) detectors
  • Waters I-Class LC with diode array and mass spec (Waters QDa) detectors
  • Waters I-Class LC with diode array detector
  • Waters UPC2 SFC with diode array detector and chiral columns
  • Waters 2D LC-SFC (combination of above two instruments)
  • Advion TLC-MS

Equipment for purification:

  • Waters Autopurify preparative LC with diode array and mass spec (Waters QDa) detectors

Key software:

  • Reaction planning: JMP (SAS), Library Studio (Unchained Labs)
  • Data processing: Empower (Waters), MassLynx (Waters), Promass (Novatia)
  • Data visualization: Spotfire (TIBCO), PolyView (Unchained Labs)