Automated Synthesis Facility

La Jolla, California Campus

The Automated Synthesis Facility provides hardware, software, and services in support of data-rich synthetic experiments. The facility helps synthetic chemists with all phases of a project, including project planning, reaction setup, reaction analysis, product purification, and data visualization. The staff assist users with developing project-specific instrument protocols and custom data processing and reporting. Projects of all sizes are welcome.

9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (PT) or by appointment

Equipment for reaction setup:

  • Unchained Labs Freeslate robotic platform with liquid handling, solid dispense, mixing, temperature control, filtration, and pressure capabilities, housed in a nitrogen purge box
  • Unchained Labs Freeslate Jr with OSR robotic platform with parallel pressure reactors with overhead stirring, independent temperature control, independent pressure control, and the ability to add reagents and remove reaction aliquots while under pressure, housed in a nitrogen purge box
  • ThermoFisher plate SpeedVac, housed in the same nitrogen purge box as the Freeslate robotic platform
  • V&P Scientific tumble stirrer with independent heating zones, not in purge box

ASF Lab 1

Equipment for analysis:

  • Waters I-Class LC with diode array and G2-XS time of flight (TOF) mass spec
  • Waters I-Class LC with diode array and QDa mass spec
  • Waters H-Class LC with diode array and QDa mass spec
  • Waters I-Class LC with diode array
  • Waters UPC2 SFC with diode array and chiral columns
  • Waters heartcutting 2D LC-SFC (combination of above two instruments)
  • Advion TLC-MS (x2)

ASF Lab 2

Equipment for purification:

  • Waters Autopurify prep LC with diode array and QDa mass spec

  • Waters 150 AP prep SFC with diode array and QDa mass spec, with chiral and achiral columns 

Key software:

  • Reaction planning: JMP (SAS), Library Studio (Unchained Labs)

  • Data processing: Empower (Waters), MassLynx (Waters), MassWorks (Cerno Bioscience)

  • Data visualization: Spotfire (TIBCO)

ASF Lab 3



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