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Giordano Lippi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Neuroscience
California Campus
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(858) 784-8089

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Assistant Professor, Dorris Neuroscience Center
Assistant Professor, Department of Neuroscience


B.S., Medical Biotechnology, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, 2003
Ph.D., Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, 2009

Professional Experience

2011-2017 Assistant Project Scientist, University of California, San Diego

Selected References

All Publications

Dulcis, D., Lippi, G., Stark, C. J., Do, L. H., Berg, D. K. & Spitzer, N. C. Neurotransmitter switching regulated by miRNAs controls changes in social preference. (2017). Neuron, 95(6), 1319-1333.

Lippi, G., Fernandes, C. C., Ewell, L. A., John, D., Romoli, B., Curia, G., Taylor, S. R., Frady, E. P., Jensen, A. B., Liu, J. C., Chaabane, M. M., Belal, C., et al. MicroRNA-101 regulates multiple developmental programs to constrain excitation in adult neural networks. (2016). Neuron, 92(6), 1337-1351. PMCID: PMC5182124.

Wang, X., Lippi, G., Carlson, D. M. & Berg, D. K. Activation of α7-containing nicotinic receptors on astrocytes triggers AMPA receptor recruitment to glutamatergic synapses. (2013). Journal of Neurochemistry, 127(5), 632-643. PMCID: PMC4222677.

Saba, R., Storchel, P. H., Aksoy-Aksel, A., Kepura, F., Lippi, G., Plant, T. D. & Schratt, G. M. Dopamine-regulated microRNA MiR-181a controls GluA2 surface expression in hippocampal neurons. (2012). Molecular and Cellular Biology, 32(3), 619-632. PMCID: PMC3266602.

Ziviani, E., Lippi, G., Bano, D., Munarriz, E., Guiducci, S., Zoli, M., Young, K. W. & Nicotera, P. Ryanodine receptor-2 upregulation and nicotine-mediated plasticity. (2011). EMBO Journal, 30(1), 194-204. PMCID: PMC3020107.

Lippi, G., Steinert, J. R., Marczylo, E. L., D'Oro, S., Fiore, R., Forsythe, I. D., Schratt, G., Zoli, M., Nicotera, P. & Young, K. W. Targeting of the Arpc3 actin nucleation factor by miR-29a/b regulates dendritic spine morphology. (2011). Journal of Cell Biology, 194(6), 889-904. PMCID: PMC3207289.

Fornari, A., Pedrazzi, P., Lippi, G., Picciotto, M. R., Zoli, M. & Zini, I. Nicotine withdrawal increases body weight, neuropeptide Y and Agouti-related protein expression in the hypothalamus and decreases uncoupling protein-3 expression in the brown adipose tissue in high-fat fed mice. (2007). Neuroscience Letters, 411(1), 72-76.

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Moretti, M., Vailati, S., Zoli, M., Lippi, G., Riganti, L., Longhi, R., Viegi, A., Clementi, F. & Gotti, C. Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subtypes expression during rat retina development and their regulation by visual experience. (2004). Molecular Pharmacology, 66(1), 85-96.