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The Alexander/Pollard Poodles

Photo of grey poodle, named Mercy
Mercy – AKA Smoodle (gone but never forgotten)

Photo of black poodle named StriderMagic's Handsome Strider - AKA Strider (called by Gandalf 'the greatest traveler and huntsman in this age of the world'), Strides, Poodle Boy (left panel). Strider hunting Orcs. Errr, no. I think they are squirrels (right panel).

Photo of white poodle, named Arwen Evenstar  Photo of brown poodle, named Merce
Arwen Evenstar – or as she prefers Winnie Pooh (left panel).
Teenie Merce – the newest member (right panel).


Photo of Italian wine shops Italian wine shops: Vizi and s'fizi (Vices and whims) in Sorrento (left panel) and in the ruins of Pompeii (right panel).

Photos of winetasting in LondonWine in London, UK. Philglas and Swiggot (fill glass and swig-it) wine shop (left panel) and a few bottles for dinner (right panel).

Photos of winetasting in the Baltic Sea regionWallace trying to attract the waiter’s attention for wine (left panel). Ahh, wine. Well done Wallace! (right panel) (Carnival Splendor – Baltic Sea)
Photo of winetasting in New YorkA gathering of wine experts at Ravines, Finger Lakes, NY (left panel) and signing the barrel at Dutschke, Barossa Valley, Australia (right panel)


Photos of travel in ItalyPart of the Roman Forum from the Palantine Hill, Rome, Italy (left panel). Capri viewed from Anacapri, Italy (right panel).
Photos of GreeceChanging the guard, Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece (left panel). The Parthenon, Athens, Greece (right panel).
Photos of mealtime in GreeceA simple meal in Apeirothos, Naxos, Greece (left panel). An even simpler meal, Engares, Naxos, Greece (right panel).
Photos of a pottery shop in Naxos, Greece (left) and photo of Santorini, Greece (right)Pottery shop, Apeirothos (the marble village), Naxos, Greece (left panel). Santorini, Greece (right panel).





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