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Current Lab Members 

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Lou Noodleman, PhD

Associate Professor of MB


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Wenge Du, PhD

Scientific Associate














 Former Members

Cindy Fisher Associate Director, Regulatory Affairs Vical Incorporated
Fahmi Himo, PhD Professor- Dept. of Organic Chemistry Stockholm University
Jian Li Executive Director, Enabling Tech & Scientific Affairs Wu Xi AppTech, Shanghai, China
Tim Lovell, PhD Chairman & CEO, Calpain Therapeutics AUSTRALIA
Jean-Marie Mouesca, PhD Research Staff CEA-Grenoble France
Greg Sandala, PhD Sessional Assistant Professor Mount Allison University, CANADA
Matthias Ullman, PhD Professor, Structural Biology/Bioinformatics University of Beyreuth
Tiqing Liu, PhD  Programmer Analyst UCSD
Robert Konecny, PhD CS Researcher, Scientific Computing Management UCSD
Laura Hunsicker-Wang,PhD  Assistant Professor-Chemistry Trinity University, TX


 Current Collaborators

Name Project
Aleks Baranczik, Research Associate-TSRI Fluorescent Dyes as reporters of Protein Activity
Don Bashford, Associate Member- St. Jude Children Hospital DFT and Electrostatics
Pat Blachly, Grad Student- McCammon Group, UCSD Iron Sulfur Enzyme Reaction Pathways
Kate Carroll, Associate Professor- TSRI-FL Adenosine Phosphosulfate Reductase (APSR)-an Iron Sulfur Enzyme in Pathogenic Bacteria
Abhik Ghosh, Professor- University of Tromso Electronic Structure of Transition Metal Complexes
Debra Ann Giammona, Research Staff- St. Jude Children Hospital
Andreas Goetz, Assistant Project Scientist- UCSD Cytochrome c Oxidase Structures, Properties and Reaction Pathways
Kathrin Hopmann, Research Scientist-University of Tromso Electronic Structure and Reactions of Transition Metal Complexes and Organometallic Complexes
Martin Kaupp, Professor- Technical University of Berlin
Jeff Kelly, Professor- TSRI Fluorescent Dyes as reporters of Protein Activity
Andy McCammon, Professor- UCSD Iron Sulfur Enzymes Reaction Pathways
Dave Stout, Associate Professor- TSRI Cytochrome c Oxidase Structures, Properties, and Reaction Pathways
Vladimir Pelmenschikov, Research Associate- Technical University of Berlin Iron Sulfur Enzymes
Michael E. Pique, Graphics Development-TSRI
Structural Modeling and Electrostatics
Victoria A. Roberts, Research Scientist- San Diego Supercomputer Center, UCSD Structural Modeling and Electrostatics
Shadan Ghassemi Tabrizi, Graduate Student- Technical University of Berlin Iron Sulfur Enzymes
Ross Walker, Associate Research Professor- UCSD Cytochrome c Oxidase Structures, Properties and Reaction Pathways

Past Collaborators

Name Project
Dilip Asthagiri,Visiting Scientist- UTMB Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases and Electrostatics
Victor Batista, Professor Chemistry- Yale University Iron and Manganes redox active enzymes
David A. Case, Professor- Rutgers University Iron-Sulfur Clusters
Jim Fee+ , Professor- TSRI Iron-Sulfur Proteins and Cytochrome c Oxidase
Valerie Fokin, Associate Professor- TSRI Click Chemistry
Elizabeth Getzoff, Professor- TSRI Photoactive Proteins and Metalloenzymes
Klaus Hahn, Professor- UNC-Chapel School of Medicine Fluorescent dyes
K. Barry Sharpless, Professor- TSRI Click Chemistry
Michael Thompson, Graduate Student Photoactive Proteins

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