Vol 11. Issue 14 / April 25, 2011

Scientists Identify Mechanism of Long-Term Memory — The findings from the Davis lab help advance knowledge of memory formation and decay.

Scripps Research Wins $2 Million to Study Prostate Cancer — Scripps Florida and Moffitt Cancer Center scientists collaborate to better understand cancer's progression.

A Race Against PKU — Professor Ray Steven's latest efforts to raise awareness of a rare disease called PKU involved a 156-mile ultramarathon through the Sahara Desert.

Dale L. Boger Named ACS Portoghese Award Winner

Campus Energy-Trimming System Saves 3 Million Kilowatt Hours and Earns $350,000 Rebate

Scientists Develop Compound that Effectively Halts Progression of Multiple Sclerosise

Scientists Find E. Coli Enzyme Must Move to Function

Scientists Find Sensory Wiring for Smells Varies Among Individuals

Method Reveals New View of Human Nerve Cells, Opening Door to Potential Drug Targets

Scripps Research and MIT Scientists Discover Class of Potent Anti-Cancer Compounds

New Lupus Drug Results from Scripps Research Technology

Engineering Better Approaches to Chemistry

Scripps Research Names Michael A. Marletta as President

Scientists Develop Powerful New Methodology for Stabilizing Proteins

Scientists Reveal Key Mechanism Governing Nicotine Addiction



Study Suggests Enzyme Crucial to DNA Replication May Provide Potent Anti-Cancer Drug Target
Elegant crystal structures from the Tainer lab depict a sophisticated machine for cutting DNA.