Vol 11. Issue 12 / April 4, 2011

Structure of DNA Repair Complex Reveals Workings of Powerful Cell Motor — The discovery could usher in a new way of designing non-toxic drugs, say members of the Tainer and Russell labs.

Jin-Quan Yu Awarded 2011 Yoshimasa Hirata Gold Medal

Las Patronas Grant Benefits Scripps Research Work in Breast Cancer Research

Method Reveals New View of Human Nerve Cells, Opening Door to Potential Drug Targets

Scripps Research and MIT Scientists Discover Class of Potent Anti-Cancer Compounds

New Lupus Drug Results from Scripps Research Technology

Engineering Better Approaches to Chemistry

Scripps Research Names Michael A. Marletta as President

Scientists Develop Powerful New Methodology for Stabilizing Proteins

Scientists Reveal Key Mechanism Governing Nicotine Addiction

Scripps Research Team Creates New Synthetic Compound with HIV-Fighting Promise

Scientists Reveal Complete Structure of HIV's Outer Shell

Scripps Research and Vanderbilt Launch Partnership



Scientists Find Sensory Wiring for Smells Varies Among Individuals
Using a powerful new nerve-tracing technique, the Baldwin lab has found an intriguing diversity in how the olfactory system is wired.