Vol 10. Issue 24 / August 16, 2010

Distinguished University of Michigan Scientist Joins Department of Chemistry
"[Kate Carroll's] research will contribute to the Scripps Research tradition of applying advanced chemical techniques to critical problems in biology and medicine," says Department of Chemistry Chair K.C. Nicolaou.

Noted Biochemist Joins Department of Cancer Biology
"By combining genetics with state-of-the-art biochemistry, Katrin [Karbstein] has greatly expanded our understanding of how the ribosome is assembled and, equally important, how assembly is regulated," says Department of Cancer Biology Chair John Cleveland.

Dale Boger Named ACS Fellow

Senator George LeMieux Visits Scripps Florida

Interns Present Their Summer's Work

Study Opens the Door to Developing a New Class of Drugs for Treating Epileptic Seizures

Scientists Uncover Previously Unknown Natural Mechanism that Controls Cocaine Use

Institute Expands Summer Internship Programs

Scientists Determine Structure of Immune Molecule that Counteracts Many Strains of HIV

Scripps Research Institute Dedicates Dorris Neuroscience Center

Scientists Find Chemical Signal from Predators That Sparks Fear in Mice

Team Discovers Body's Own Molecular Protection Against Arthritis

Study Overturns Decade-Old Findings in Neurobiology

Scripps Research Celebrates 18th Commencement

Scientists Solve Protein Structure Revealing Secrets of Cell Membranes

Scientists Reveal How Genetic Mutations May Cause Type 1 Diabetes

Scientists Uncover Possible Cocaine Addiction Trigger
A study led by Associate Professor Paul Kenny finds that a protein linked to mental retardation may be a controlling factor in the drug's effect in the brain.