Vol 9. Issue 38 / December 14, 2009

Elizabeth Fago Gives $1 Million to Scripps Florida – The Scripps Florida library will be named in honor of the Florida business executive's second $1 million gift

Researchers Uncover Chemical Basis for Extra "Quality Control" in Protein Production – Work from the Schimmel-Yang lab sheds light on nature's solution to an age-old chemical problem that provides clues to health and disease.

Sheng Ding's Stem Cell Breakthrough Named The Scientist's Top Innovation of 2009

Peter Wright Wins 2010 Stein and Moore Award

Wolfram Ruf Wins Recovery Act Grant

Graham Johnson Wins Prizes in "Celldance" Contest

Team Develops Cheap, Easy "Kitchen Chemistry" to Perform Formerly Complex Synthesis

Scientists Find New Link Between Insulin and Core Body Temperature

Team Shows Switching Between Sugary and Regular–Tasting Diet Can Activate Brain's Stress System and Lead to "Withdrawal" Symptoms

Floor Three

New Consortium Led by Scripps Research Scientists Awarded $10 Million by National Cancer Institute

Team Led by Scripps Research and UC San Diego Scientists Reveals Secrets of Drought Resistance

Ronald Davis Joins Scripps Florida as Founding Chair of New Neuroscience Department

An Eye to the Future

Team Restores Some Function to Cells from Cystic Fibrosis Patients
The dramatically new approach to protein misfolding from the Balch and Gottesfeld labs could lead to new therapies for a number of diseases