Vol 9. Issue 32 / October 26 , 2009

Scientists Take a Major Step Forward in Making Better Stem Cells from Adult Tissue – The findings from the Ding lab brighten prospects of stem cell therapy for a range of diseases.

Consortium to Establish National Network of Scientists – "I am hopeful that implementation of the system will give our faculty a useful tool for discovering who is engaged in similar research," said Senior Vice President Cary Thomas.

Bruce Beutler Elected to European Molecular Biology Organization

Crystal Moran Wins First Abrams Charitable Trust Award

ScrippsAssists Honors Volunteers

Ronald Davis Joins Scripps Florida as Founding Chair of New Neuroscience Department

An Eye to the Future

Scientists Find Missing Piece of Powerful DNA Repair Puzzle

Mechanism for Potential Friedreich's Ataxia Drug Uncovered

Two New Antibodies Found to Cripple HIV

Latest Scripps Florida Collaboration Aims to Reshape Addiction Therapy

A Matter of Practicality

Team Reports Breakthrough in Creating Live Mice from Skin Cells

Team Led by Scripps Research and UC San Diego Scientists Reveals Secrets of Drought Resistance
The new structure solved by Professor Elizabeth Getzoff and colleagues shows how hormone-sensing protein helps plants survive dry spells.