Vol 9. Issue 29 / October 5 , 2009

Scripps Florida Scientist Awarded $1.4 Million in Federal Stimulus Funds to Study Drug Targets in Alzheimer's, Alcoholism - "The key to our ongoing research is... seeking out under-studied areas," says Professor Claes Wahlestedt.

Service Awards Recognize Long-Time Employees

Scripps Research Celebrates First Annual Postdoc Appreciation Day

Mechanism for Potential Friedreich's Ataxia Drug Uncovered

Two New Antibodies Found to Cripple HIV

Latest Scripps Florida Collaboration Aims to Reshape Addiction Therapy

A Matter of Practicality

Team Reports Breakthrough in Creating Live Mice from Skin Cells

Scientists Uncover a New Protein Necessary for the Proper Formation of the Immune System

Scientists Find Key Culprits in Lupus

Scientists Uncover Novel Mechanism Controlling Tumor Growth in the Brain

Scientists Find Missing Piece of Powerful DNA Repair Puzzle
Understanding how serious breaks in DNA are repaired may help researchers to make cancer therapy more effective.