Vol 9. Issue 25 / August 31, 2009

Mentors Offer Helping Hand to Entering Students - A happy hour hosted by the Network for Women in Science provided a relaxed atmosphere for first-year students on the California campus to meet assigned graduate student mentors.

Slideshow: Summer of Science - Photos from the Scripps Research internship programs on both the California and Florida campuses.

Marin Gantner Wins National Research Service Award

A Matter of Practicality

Team Reports Breakthrough in Creating Live Mice from Skin Cells

Scientists Uncover a New Protein Necessary for the Proper Formation of the Immune System

Scientists Find Key Culprits in Lupus

Scientists Uncover Novel Mechanism Controlling Tumor Growth in the Brain

Team Led by Scripps Research Scientists Finds New Way that Cells Fix Damage to DNA

A Potential New MS Treatment's Long and Winding Road

Scripps Research Holds 17th Commencement

Scientists Determine Workings of Potentially Useful Virus

Latest Scripps Florida Collaboration Aims to Reshape Addiction Therapy - A new test under development by the Kenny lab and the Hanley Center may predict and prevent substance abuse relapse.