Vol 9. Issue 6 / February 23, 2009

Quantum Foundation, National City, and Florida Trend Named Premier Sponsors of Scripps Florida Opening Ceremonies - "We are extremely pleased to have the support of all our sponsors for our three-day opening," said Scripps Research President Richard A. Lerner.

Board of Trustees Elects Mark Pearson as Newest Member - Philanthropist and entrepreneur Mark Pearson joins 29 other members of the Board.

New Technique Clears Path for Developing Drugs and Vaccines for Hemorrhagic Fever Diseases - A team led by Associate Professor Juan de la Torre has developed a novel method for studying arenaviruses, rodent-borne viruses that can cause hemorrhagic fever diseases.

Scripps Research Neuroscience Papers Make an Impact

Christie Fowler Wins NIDA Fellowship

Team Increases Understanding of Two Types of Blindness, Bolsters Simple Prevention Strategy, and Develops Gene Therapy Option

Scientists Uncover Potential New Target for Schizophrenia Treatment

Team Finds Drug Lessens Body's Massive and Often Deadly Immune Response to Flu Virus

Team Develops New Technique to Tap Full Potential of Antibody Libraries

The Immortal Molecule

Scientists Develop Method for Generating Novel Types of Stem Cells

Scientists Watch Membrane Fission in Real Time, Identifying a Cellular Fission Machine

Team Defines New Painkilling Chemical Pathway

Scientists Create First Crystal Structure of an Intermediate Particle in Virus Assembly - "This process has never been seen before at this resolution, and now we know that what we thought happens, doesn't," says Professor John E. Johnson.