Vol 9. Issue 6 / February 23, 2009

Quantum Foundation, National City, and Florida Trend Named Premier Sponsors of Scripps Florida Opening Ceremonies

By Eric Sauter

The Quantum Foundation of Palm Beach County, National City Corporation, and Florida Trend magazine will serve as premier sponsors of Scripps Florida's three-day campus opening ceremonies on February 26-28, 2009.

"We are extremely pleased to have the support of all our sponsors for our three-day opening," said Scripps Research President Richard A. Lerner. "Their support is important to our work, and an example of how Scripps Florida has been building strong community relationships in Palm Beach County and throughout South Florida."

The Quantum Foundation is dedicated to advancing access to health care and education for the residents of Palm Beach County. National City, now a part of PNC, is one of the country's largest financial holdings companies with branches throughout South Florida. For 50 years, Florida Trend magazine has been an indispensible statewide source for business issues and political news.

Other campus grand opening sponsors include Weitz-DPR, Florida Power & Light, Gunster Yoakley, Fisher Scientific, Fluor, and James Landscaping Design.

Three Days of Festivities

The three days of activities will begin on February 26, with ribbon cutting ceremonies at Scripps Florida's new campus in Jupiter, Palm Beach County. More than 800 people are expected to attend the ceremony. 

The next day, February 27, will be devoted to a special scientific symposium with faculty from Scripps Florida and the La Jolla campus joining with other scientists from Florida research organizations. Symposium topics include Frontiers in Cellular Biology, Metabolism and Healthy Aging, and Targets and Molecular Therapeutics—Drug Discovery.

Scripps Florida's Science Education Day on February 28, will be devoted to informative science-education activities designed for K - 12 students and their families from throughout Palm Beach County. Scripps Florida scientists, graduate students, and education partners from The Max Planck Institute and the South Florida Science Museum will provide science learning opportunities along a "science trail" featuring interactive science stations on a variety of topics ranging from fundamental science to human health to renewable energy.


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"We are extremely pleased to have the support of all our sponsors for our three-day opening."

—Richard A. Lerner