Vol 9. Issue 4 / February 2, 2009

W. Mark Crowell Joins Scripps Research as VP, Business Development - Crowell will lead technology transfer efforts, oversee research partnerships and industry relations, and launch business development initiatives for both the California and Florida campuses.

Getting from Here to There - Scripps Florida scientist Nagi Ayad uncovers something new in cell cycle exit and differentiation.

Christine Fang Gelin Selected for Lesly Starr Shelton Award

Team Finds Drug Lessens Body's Massive and Often Deadly Immune Response to Flu Virus

Team Develops New Technique to Tap Full Potential of Antibody Libraries

The Immortal Molecule

Scientists Develop Method for Generating Novel Types of Stem Cells

Scientists Watch Membrane Fission in Real Time, Identifying a Cellular Fission Machine

Team Defines New Painkilling Chemical Pathway

Touch and Go

San Diego Philanthropist John Moores Gives $2.1 Million to Scripps Research

Scientists Identify Exciting New Compounds for Stem Cell Production from Adult Cells

Scientists Uncover Potential New Target for Schizophrenia Treatment - A new study from the Wahlestedt lab finds that microRNA plays a key regulatory role in a receptor linked to numerous psychiatric disorders.