Vol 7. Issue 15 / May 7, 2007

Study Reveals Little-Known Cell Networks Vital to Circadian Rhythm - New findings from a multi-institutional collaboration led by Scripps Research investigator Steve Kay point to potential new therapies and a strategic shift in future research into our daily cycle.

Team Sheds Light on Long-Sought Cold Sensation Gene - "This study represents the first demonstration that a single gene is responsible for most cool temperature sensation," says Associate Professor Ardem Patapoutian.

Scripps Florida to Co-Sponsor 2008 Miami Winter Symposia




On Genetics: An Interview with Bruce Beutler

Playing to Win: An Interview with Ian Wilson on Project Checkmate

Making Life Difficult For Viruses

A Place Called Discovery

Scripps Research Team Dramatically Simplifies Synthetic Production of Potential Pharmaceuticals

Forty Years Young

The Joy of Measurement

The Mountaineer

Team Discovers a Chemical Pathway that Causes Mice to Overeat and Gain Weight

Mixing Basic and Applied Research: An Interview with John Cleveland - News&Views speaks with Chair John Cleveland about his plans for the Department of Cancer Biology, the direction of his own work, and what he finds so exciting about Scripps Florida.