Vol 6. Issue 26 / Sep 11, 2006

Consortium for Functional Glycomics Awarded $40.7 Million "Glue" Grant - New, multi-year funding will allow the international group, led by Scripps Research Professor James Paulson, to unravel the mysteries of carbohydrates.

Enzyme Builds Neurotransmitters Via Newly Discovered Pathway

Sherry Niessen Wins Career Development Award

Jessica Raushel Selected for Novartis Fellowship

Volunteers Teach Girls About DNA



Scripps Research Team Reverses Friedreich's Ataxia Defect in Cell Culture

Scripps Research Scientists Successfully Test New Anti-Obesity Vaccine

Quantum Leap

Scientists Show Prion Disease Agent Can Cause Heart Damage

Researchers Map Infectious Hepatitis B Virus

Blood Work

Study Suggests Virus Uses Pressure to Sense when Full of DNA

Researchers Link Effects of Withdrawal to Compulsive Drug Use and Craving 

Scripps Research Holds 14th Commencement

Still on the Case

Study Unveils Structure of Key Component of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria - The new findings from the Tainer lab could offer help in fighting resistant strains of gonorrhea.