Vol 6. Issue 21 / July 3, 2006

Biogen Idec Foundation Funds Teacher Interns - The Biogen Idec Foundation has donated $25,000 to support summer internships in the lab for three San Diego teachers.

Mario Osornio - Meet Mario Osornio, Environmental Services quality assurance/training coordinator.

Three Honors for Theofilopoulos

California Legislature Commends World Community Grid

Office Depot Presents Check for Neurological Research

Masserini Charitable Trust/Wells Fargo Supports Science Outreach



Blood Work

Study Suggests Virus Uses Pressure to Sense when Full of DNA

Researchers Link Effects of Withdrawal to Compulsive Drug Use and Craving 

Scripps Research Holds 14th Commencement

Still on the Case

Study Results Offer Guidance in Treatment of Alcohol Dependence

Immune Response to HIV in the Brain a "Double-Edged Sword"

Lack of a Key Enzyme Dramatically Increases Resistance to Sepsis

Simple Tools for Complex Problems

Free Range Problem-Solving

New Class of Enzyme Inhibitors Blocks Replication of SARS Virus

Researchers Map Infectious Hepatitis B Virus - New research from the Yeager and Chisari labs has found that the hepatitis B virus has unique structural features, which could help explain how the virus replicates.