Vol 6. Issue 21 / July 3, 2006

Mario Osornio

Position: Quality assurance/training coordinator, Environmental Services Department.

Responsibilities: Assisting the director, manager, and other Environmental Services staff in providing quality cleaning services to the institute. Helping to improve training programs, streamline paperwork, review procedures, coordinate with other departments, and motivate the department's 64 employees.

Started at Scripps Research: June 2004, as a housekeeper. Applied for current job—a new position—when it was created in late 2005.

Current Initiatives: Developing an online system for Environmental Services members to order supplies such as paper products, lab coats, and sharps containers. Preparing to launch a department newsletter to recognize extra effort from staff members and to increase safety awareness.

Thoughts on Scripps Research: "I love working here. People notice improvements and are open to positive change."

Favorite Part of the Job:  "I enjoy interacting with people from different departments and talking to people from countries all over the world. I also like the problem-solving."

Background: Grew up in San Diego. Served five years in the U.S. Navy as a training officer. Earned an associate's degree in psychology from Mesa College.

Outside Activities: Currently, Osornio is working toward a bachelor's degree in business management at Mesa College. He enjoys spending time with his family—his wife, Christina, and sons, four-year-old Eddie and two-year-old Andrew—and working on vintage cars when he can find the time.


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Environmental Service's Mario Osornio enjoys problem-solving. Photo by Kevin Fung.