Vol 6. Issue 13 / April 10, 2006

Enzyme Crystal Structure Reveals "Unexpected" Genome Repair Functions - The discovery from the Tainer lab could help improve some forms of chemotherapy.

Jesse Stumpp - Meet the institute's new Software Trainer Jesse Stumpp.

Five Kellogg School Students Win NSF Fellowships





Free Range Problem-Solving

New Class of Enzyme Inhibitors Blocks Replication of SARS Virus

Minor Mutations in Avian Flu Virus Increase Chances of Human Infection

The Accidental Author or the Price of Popularity

View from a Zeppelin: Interview with George Koob

A Passion for Science

Bacillus anthracis: One Bad Bug

Simple Tools for Complex Problems - Scripps Research investigator Valery Fokin searches for chemical bonds that are strong, easy to make, and unproblematic in the human body.