Vol 6. Issue 12 / April 3, 2006

Sparking an Interest in Science - A new outreach effort brings Scripps Research to the Educational Technology Fair for seventh to twelfth graders.

Pete Herold - Meet Pete Herold, Scripps Research director of Facilities Design.

Mackman Joins NIH Strategic Planning Group

Pfeiffer Foundation Grant Awarded to Three First-Year Students





New Class of Enzyme Inhibitors Blocks Replication of SARS Virus

Minor Mutations in Avian Flu Virus Increase Chances of Human Infection

The Accidental Author or the Price of Popularity

View from a Zeppelin: Interview with George Koob

A Passion for Science

Bacillus anthracis: One Bad Bug

Scientists Re-engineer a Well-Known Antibiotic to Counter Drug Resistance

Free Range Problem-Solving - A miniaturized synchrotron is just one of Associate Professor Peter Kuhn's promising projects.