Vol 5. Issue 33 / October 31, 2005

Scripps Research to Receive Payment for Antibody Technology - Scripps Research will receive a multi-million payment for technology that came out of the laboratory of President Richard A. Lerner.

Gary Santo-Pietro - Meet Gary Santo-Pietro of Shipping and Receiving.

A Protein that Affects the Shape of Neurons

The Face of Tumefaciens

Chemical Extracted from Soy Beans Inhibits Disease Process Known as Amyloidogenesis

"Memory" of Nicotine Lingers in the Brain, Say Scripps Research Scientists

Scripps Research Breaks Ground for Construction of Scripps Florida Campus

Chemistry of a Conference

Mammalian Transcriptome Mapped, and It Makes Antisense

Mysterious Molecules Begin to Yield Their Secrets

The Front Part of a Cell - It's a sunny afternoon on a recent day in La Jolla, and Associate Professor Richard Klemke and Research Associate Yingchun Wang of Scripps Research are explaining the science that recently won Wang a $135,000 grant from the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.